How To Use a Biomat

Setting Up Your Richway Biomat 7000MX

Your first Biomat sessions

When you first get your Biomat 7000MX, it is important to start using at a low setting. For the first few sessions, we recommend starting with 15 minutes to an hour. This will help you get comfortable, and let your body adjust to and to see how receptive it will be of the Biomat’s negative ions and far infrared heat.

Download the Biomat 7000MX user manual here

We recommend that you plan to enjoy your Biomat session in a quiet, peaceful area. Place the mat on top of a solid and flat surface like the floor or a mattress. Make sure there are no distractions around you, and try to avoid bright lights or noise. Turn off your phone to avoid any disruptions, and let others in your home know that you’re not to be disturbed. Drinking plenty of water before and after each treatment will help replenish fluids lost during treatment, and will encourage your body to shed toxins.

You may wish to cover yourself with a light cotton blanket or sheet for extra comfort, though this isn’t necessary to get the most out of your Biomat session.

If you are a new Biomat user, always start with shorter sessions on lower heat settings. We recommend starting with the control panel lights set to green or gold level one and use these low temperatures for longer sittings as well if necessary. When using your Biomat, it’s possible that you’ll experience changes in how you feel throughout the day which is why we suggest being careful when getting started—it will give your body time to adapt.

Athletes often use the more gentle settings to improve flexibility and recovery from training, as well as improving cardiovascular function. They also find it helpful in balancing hormones, reducing blood pressure, easing menstrual symptoms; all which help promote a healthy lifestyle.

As you begin using a Biomat regularly, your body and energy will be affected. You might feel like having more energy than usual or that you need to nap all the time. Don’t worry about this as it is completely normal for bodies getting used to treatments of this kind! Over time as balanced systems are reached in our body we will end up feeling better with less imbalance overall – resulting in increased levels of both stamina and alertness. 

Biomat stimulates the cells to release toxins and heavy metals. These changes can lead you to feel overwhelmed, but all it takes is a little trial-and-error with temperature and time settings when using your Biomat. If necessary, start out by only increasing your use of the mat at lower temperatures for shorter times until you begin feeling more balanced in body and mind before trying to increase intensity again gradually over time as needed.

For even enhanced results, consider combining meditation mindfulness while you’re on the Biomat for treatment.

Using your Biomat controller

Your Biomat controller is easy to use with buttons that turn it off and on, adjust the temperature. Your Biomat 7000MX has advanced IC chip technology that eliminates harmful electromagnetic frequencies as you rest on your biomat. Safety precautions include using a model specific controller when powering up your device. Instructions are included in every box; it’s important not to use an older model controller because they’re different from those made specifically for the 7000MX model.

Sleeping on your Biomat at night is an integral part of enjoying the healing benefits it provides. It can be used even without power and with a low setting for mild treatment.

Longer Biomat sessions

Once you have had your Biomat for a while, slowly increase the length of your sessions and temperature settings. This will allow you to work toward deeper treatments for stronger therapy. Placing a blanket or sheet on top of your body can help draw out toxins from far infrared rays and negative ions that are more deeply embedded in our bodies when we sweat at higher temperatures (40 degrees Celsius).

The higher gold temperature settings generate deeper warmth that will penetrate your body from the inside out. This heat range is suitable for 10 to 90-minute sessions, and can be used to treat joint or muscle pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation deep enough where you may fall asleep naturally. You may wish to set an alarm so if this happens you don’t sleep too long!

The red settings on your Biomat offer heat that is similar to a sauna. It’s ideal for cleansing and detoxifying the body, making you sweat. This level of heat also promotes healthy metabolism and can help with weight loss while clearing skin.

Although you may not want to spend half-hour sessions on the highest temperature settings very often, many Biomat owners have told us that they enjoy incorporating power sessions a few times per week into a regular therapeutic routine. The heat of your Biomat reaches up to six inches deep within your body’s core and can leave you feeling warm long after you finish using it.

Building a Biomat routine is easy if you schedule it in your day. It can be as simple as setting specific times to lie on the biomat, or placing yourself under the mat for 10 minutes while doing something during that time such as watching TV or reading. The more often you use your biomat, and do so regularly (for instance daily), then this will help increase its benefits exponentially!

Regular use of a Biomat will increase your resistance to sickness and decrease stress, pain, and disease. It can also aid in recovery from illness or injury by increasing the body’s natural healing processes. You should not feel like you need to push yourself past your comfort zone while using it; results are accumulative so low settings on the biomat may have similar effects as high ones if used over time Your doctor might want more information about how regular use of a biomat could impact any medical conditions that you have before recommending one for purchase.

Using your Biomat Mini

Using the Richway Biomat Mini is a straightforward process that can offer numerous health benefits. To get started, plug in the device and turn on the control panel. Select a heat level that is comfortable for you before laying or sitting on it. The Biomat Mini can be used on any flat surface, such as the floor or a massage table, or in a chair by resting it against the backrest or placing it on the seat pad. It is fine to bend the Biomat Mini when you are sitting on it. We recommend using your Biomat mini at least 30 minutes daily to enjoy maximum benefits such as increased circulation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels. Incorporate the Richway Biomat Mini into your daily routine for a more relaxed and healthier lifestyle.

Read also about Biomat contraindications and cautions. Always consult with your physician or primary care provider before use of a Biomat. Remember to stay hydrated while using the Biomat.


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