Alkal-Life Water Ionizer 7000SL

$ 2,500.00

Alkal-LIfe 7000sL filters and ionizes your drinking water to keep you hydrated. Your mood, energy levels, and clarity of mind are regulated. Alkal-Life 7000sL water also helps to boost your Biomat treatments by incorporating the benefits of alkaline water. Turn tap water into an alkaline healing elixir with the Alkal-Life’s 6-stage carbon-based filtration and electrolysis design.

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The Revolutionary Water Filtration and Ionization System

The Alkal-Life 7000sL™ gives tap water a high pH balance with ionization and purification.

With the most advanced calibration system ever offered, the Alkal-Life ensures the pH levels you select are precise and accurate.

Alkal-Life 7000sL filters and ionizes your tap water, producing alkaline water.

Water ionizers were invented in Japan in the 1950s. They work by adding a strong electric current to the tap water, creating two different types of water: alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water is for drinking, and acidic water is for cleaning, topical use, and sanitizing.

The alkalization process breaks large clusters of water molecules into smaller ones. These smaller molecules are more easily absorbed by your cells, leading to better hydration and a healthier body.

How The Alkal-Life 7000SL Works

Alkal-Life 7000SL Details

Model 7000 sL
Voltage AC 120 or AC 240
Frequency 50/60Hz
Water Filter Good for 2,500 gallons (9,450 liters) or approximately 6 months.
Replacement Filter cost $100 (water discount program) or $135 (purchased individually.)
pH Range 3.5 – 10.5
ORP -838
Electrodes Platinum thick-coated titanium electrode with 5 pins
Water intake pressure 0.5-7.0 kg/cm2 (7.1 to 99.5 PSI)
Unit weight 7.72 lb (3.5kg)
Dimensions 10.67″W x 14.45″H x 5.43″D (271mm x 367mm x 138mm)
Calcium lactate injector Case injection system (Calcium lactate is a catalyst that enhances electrolysis)
Electrolysis tank cleansing Double auto-change cross-line system
Protection circuits 8-Amp fuse, constant current control circuit, anti-overheating device
Pre-filter Optional add on for those with hard water, well water, and reverse osmosis water. $240 extra.

Alkal-Life 7000SL Features

When it comes to new water ionizers, the Alkal-Life 7000sL has the best hardware and software. It surpasses any other water ionizer – no matter the price. The quality, performance, and reliability of this machine is simply better than any other.

  • Touch screen designed to simplify the process of washing, filtering, and ionizing water
  • Water filter will tell you when the filter needs replacement, alerting you with a beeping sound
  • More accurate calibration system to define the pH level, creating a higher ionization
  • FDA certified as a medical device.
  • 6-stage carbon filter is packed with silver, eliminating bacteria more effectively and creating pristinely ionized water
  • Platinum pin creates smaller water clusters for higher ionization
  • Design, quality, and results are comparable to more expensive water filtration systems 
  • Durable patented design has no pipes or hoses that break
  • Affordable price, and is available through a lease program
  • 10,000 liter filter capacity

Alkal-Life 7000SL Health Benefits

The new Alka-Life is designed to turn your regular tap water into a healthier, wellness-bosting alkaline water.

Flushes Free Radicals from
your System

Alkaline water flushes free radicals from your body. Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms within the body that cause oxidation. This is the same process that also causes metal to rush or cut a piece of fruit to turn brown and deteriorate over time. Alkaline ionized water pulls these oxides out because it is loaded with negatively charged hydrogen atoms that bond with unstable oxygen and then flush them out.

Promotes Superior Hydration

Alkal-Life7000sL ionizes your drinking water. This means it reduces the size of water clusters from 11-16 molecules to only 5 or 6. The smaller water molecule size is much easier for your cells to absorb, leading to much better hydration of those cells – and you!

A Healthy Hydration Foundation

Proper hydration is essential to our overall wellness and quality of life. Water is the most fundamental building block of life, but it needs to be delivered and used in a means that is easiest for your body. When water quality declines, so does your health; you become more susceptible to infection and sickness as clogging pollutants increase urinary toxicity, detracting from your immune system’s ability to do its job – fighting disease. Using an alkalized water ionizer like Alkal-Life 7000sL on a regular basis is a proactive step you can take to ensure your optimal wellness with every sip.

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