Biomat Aroma Stand

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The Biomat aroma stand is the perfect solution for people who want to keep their space clear while enjoying all of BioMat’s benefits. The aromatherapy massage not only calms and relaxes you, it also helps with stress relief by using natural scents like lavender or bergamot oil. With a small footprint but powerful enough to hold any size mat controller, this little unit has your back when it comes time to find some peace in your home!

The Biomat aroma stand is a convenient way to position your controller without taking up space on the bedside table. It makes it easy to use any of these sizes: Pro, Single, Queen and King or Orgone controllers.

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The Richway Biomat aroma stand is a convenient way to position your controller without taking up space on the bedside table or floor. It is suitable for use with the controller of the Professional, Single, Queen, King or Orgone Biomats.
The Biomat aroma stand comes with no assembly required. It is a lightweight and sturdy plastic, and comes in an attractive, modern white colour.

Simply open the box, remove the stand, and place it beside the space where you’ll be using your Biomat. Place the Biomat controller on the stand. That’s it! You’re ready to relax.

Using the Biomat aroma stand means you won’t trip on a controller that’s been placed on the floor. It also gives you a clear view of the settings, and allows you to easily reach the controller and adjust the settings as required throughout your Biomat session.

The Biomat aroma stand comes with lavender aroma oil to enhance your Biomat treatment experience. Please note, this is not an essential oil. You can use this or your own blend of scented oils in the stand. To use, apply a few drops of essential oil to the diffuser pads. You may use the stand with or without aroma oil.

Biomat Aroma Stand Specification

How to Diffuse the Lavender Oil

Drop 3-4 drops of lavander oil on the round felt pads.

  1. Body
  2. Head
  3. Silicone pad
  4. Round felt diffuser pads 2 ea
  5. Lavender oil 30ml


Weight 5.51 lbs 2.5 kg
Dimensions 13.38 × 13.38 × 32.48 in
Height 32.48 inches
Width 13.38 inches
Shipping Weight/Dimensions 12 lbs 35″ x 16″ x 16″
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Biomat Aroma Stand

Convenient, Lightweight and sturdy, Designed with a modern touch, Relaxation elevated

Calm your Sense with our Lavender Oil

Use the included Lavender Oil or apply your favorite scented oils onto the Biomat Aroma Stand’s diffuser pads.

*Each stand comes with 30ml bottle. Aroma Oil is not an essential oil.

Set the 7000MX Biomat Controller to Clear Counter Space and Adjust the Mat’s Temperature

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