Richway Biomat Myths

Richway Biomat Myths

Before diving into the benefits of the Biomat®, note that it’s essential to do your own research when considering any wellness product. Look for trusted sources and investigate the product thoroughly.

Myth: Mats featuring different stones on both sides offer benefits.
Facts: Including stones on both sides of a mat can pose a safety hazard.

Special thermal protection layer
Each Biomat® is designed with thermal protection technology on the bottom to prevent excess heat from being transferred to the supporting surface. This design ensures that users receive the evenly dispersed and beneficial far infrared heat while protecting the surface it lies on.

Excess far infrared heat
Double sided mats with stones on both sides may lack this protective layer. As a result, heat can travel downward onto the surface the mat is placed on. Over time, this may cause damage.

Myth: Richway & Fuji Bio’s location is South Korea.
Fact: Richway’s headquarters are in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our Honolulu office handles customer service, order processing, quality control, and product design. While the Biomat® is manufactured by our contract manufacturer, Richway & Life Co. (R&L), in South Korea, our operations are based in the USA.

Myth: The Biomat® only contains amethyst and it requires jade and tourmaline to be effective.
Fact: Over our twenty years of research, we’ve discovered that amethyst generates the ideal quantity of natural infrared rays, surpassing jade. Furthermore, the Biomat® incorporates a unique layer called the TOCA Layer™. This tourmaline layer enables the Biomat® to produce negative ions.

Biomat Mini 7000MX

Myth: Larger Biomats® don’t include tourmaline due to cost.

Fact: All Biomats® feature a tourmaline layer. The Mini Biomat® incorporates alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones to ensure it generates the same quantity of negative ions as its larger counterparts.

Myth: The Biomat doesn’t come with a cover

Fact: Each Biomat® comes with a cotton pad for protection and even heat distribution. The cotton pad includes the Hideo diagram an organic energy pattern that incorporates sacred geometry.

Special waterproof pads can be purchased separately. The germanium-coated cotton covers repel water while remaining permeable, allowing far-infrared rays, beneficial heat, and negative ions to pass through. A hard shell carry case is also included.

Biomat Cotton Pad
FDA Approved Medical Device

Myth: Richway ignored a warning letter from the FDA

Fact: In 2013, Richway’s previous contract manufacturer, Richway NF, was issued a warning letter. Following this incident, Richway engaged a new manufacturer, R&L Co. R&L Co. has been our contract manufacturer since 2013 and has never received a warning letter from the FDA.

Myth: Richway neither produces their Biomats® nor offers support following a purchase.

Fact: Richway is registered with the FDA as the official importer, developer, and support for the Biomat®. Our contract manufacturer, R&L Co. in South Korea, is also registered.

Myth: All infrared gemstone heating mats are identical.

  • Fact – Infrared gemstone mats vary significantly in their design and functionality. The Biomat® has been evolving since 1997 and incorporates unique layers to provide additional health benefits to users.
  • The Peach and Grape Seeds Layer™ provides natural far infrared and negative ions.
  • The TOCA Layer™, a tourmaline layer within the mat, also contributes to negative ion production.
  • The surface layer of the Biomat® uses 100% cotton fabric (excluding the urethane window) which allows energy to pass through.
  • The state-of-the-art IC chip in the Biomat’s® controller reduces electromagnetic fields.

Laying the Biomat myths to rest

The Biomat® stands out from the competition by providing health benefits from advanced technologies incorporated into the product such as an abundance of negative ions that benefit the human body. The Biomat’s® construction prioritizes user experience and eliminates potential safety hazards associated with other competitor mats. Embrace the advantages of a Biomat® and experience the difference for yourself.

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