EMFs and the BioMat

Biomat and exposure to Electro-magnetic fields (EMFs)

There’s no getting around the fact that every electronic device will emit EMFs when it is connected to an electrical source. EMFs are produced by moving electricity, and the field can be seen as a combination of the electric and magnetic field coming together to create an invisible but physical field.

EMFs are not only found in electronic devices. They can also be found in nature, and even infrared radiation. EMFs become harmful to you when you come into contact with frequencies less than one million hertz. Infrared rays are documented to exist at 20 billion hertz, meaning that this is well above the one million hertz that can cause damage to your body’s systems.

Richway International understands concerns about exposure to EMFs, and has designed each Biomat product with your complete health in mind. Their product engineers have done everything they can to minimize EMF exposure as you use your Biomat.

Biomat is an FDA-registered medical device. To achieve this classification, Biomat must adhere to strict safety and performance measures that include testing of EMF field safety.

How does Biomat reduce EMF exposure?

Every Biomat is designed to block 100% of EMFs from reaching your body. It even blocks EMFs that are entering your home or room from other sources such as your cell phone, or the electrical wiring within your home. In addition to the design of the Biomat, each controller also has a function to minimize EMFs and redirect them away from your body and toward the ground. You can trust that you are protected from 100% of EMFs when you are using your Biomat.

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