Earthing and the BioMat


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The concept of Earthing is an ancient one. Our ancestors all grew up touching the earth with their feet or working it with their hands.


Modern research has shown that this idea is still truly good for people. That their physical connection to the earth somehow creates healthier states of being. Current research from around the world shows that this connection allows more beneficial charged particles to rise up through the earth and into our bodies.


These naturally occurring particles are called “negative ions’: they pair up with ‘unfriendly’ molecules and makes them neutral.


What this neutralizing effect means is that those unfriendly molecules are no longer able to cause inflammation in the body, which is often the root of many disorders, pains and complaints.


Since we no longer have constant contact with the earth, via our bare feet for example, ways to enhance these effects have come into being.


The BioMat creates a huge amount of these ‘negative ions’ and allows the body to also ‘ground’ more effectively to the earth at the same time.

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