Choosing a Biomat

Purchasing Guidance

The BioMat is an FDA Approved Durable Medical Device


When determining which style and BioMat size is best for you, keep the following in mind:

Your purchase is a long-term investment in your health.

Purchase from someone who is knowledgeable & available beyond the time you make a purchase.

We have found that, invariably, questions come up – as the BioMat has a wide range of applications & effects.

Our team excels in support, accessibility and knowledge!

Choose wisely.


Some Comparisons & Product Guidance begin below:



Purchases for PERSONAL, HOME use only:


Are you looking for Health Maintenance versus Health Recovery?


Natural immune booster for every household member

Ideally, each household can benefit from the Professional size BioMat and BioPillow (Pro set) as everyone is continuously bombarded with toxins and stress-ors.


An investment in your health and your family’s health.

Moms have reported that the BioMat reduces the length of acute symptoms (cold & flu) and boosts the immune system naturally. Many have used it for acute injuries such as sprains and surgical wounds to speed up the healing process. Many college students are now taking a BioMat along with them & is considered as valuable an item as their laptop.


Some children have favored the Mini BioMat over the larger Pro size (it’s more ‘their size).

Struggling with a health issue or several imbalances?

Then it is best to invest in the BioMat Professional Set or a Bed size
of your choosing.

Used regularly, many health issues become part of the past, even those considered chronic.


Professional Sized BioMat with BioPillow shown (Pro set).

BioMat Professional Set

The Professional size is truly the smallest size you want to get for ANY reason. Telling you any different would be an injustice to you. The difference in benefits far outweighs the price difference.

The Pro size fully accesses the entire body and lymphatic system. Crucial for best results.

Approximately 30 pounds of amethyst quartz to help magnify all the healing properties of the BioMat. That much amethyst alone has a dramatic effect, even when turned “off” (no electricity)!

Wheeled carrying case makes it easy to bring along on car trips.

If you have a serious issue or concern, then any size less than this and you are cheating yourself out of a great recovery. Or at least prolonging the issue much longer than is necessary.

Ideally use with the BioPillow whenever the BioMat is turned ‘on’, especially at mid to high temperatures.


Get $100 off the purchase of a BioMat Professional,

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Mini BioMat shown.

Mini BioMat

The Mini was designed as a travel piece for when the Pro size or larger mats would become too challenging to bring along.

The Mini has since been used as an ACCESSORY piece for certain ideas like the ‘sandwich method’: to sandwich ‘in’ the person for deeper results.

The Mini is also the only BioMat designed to bend to fit a chair for example. Many elderly & small children prefer this size because it is much more ‘gentle’.

Roughly 7 lbs. of Tourmaline stones and 7 lbs. of Amethyst.

May get a car adapter (100W) from an electronics store and use in the car, preferably a passenger as we don’t want you getting too relaxed on your drive; you need to be alert while driving.

Ideally use with the BioPillow unless using in a chair or in the car.



The Pro set (Professional size BioMat and BioPillow) lends itself to most professional settings.


Therapists such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage & physical therapists along with energy healers report that the use of the BioMat alongside their own work often shortens client’s recovery time.


Spas often invest in the Pro Set and Mini to deliver the Spa level detox as a stand alone or in conjunction with other treatments.


Get $100 off the purchase of a BioMat Professional,

see details here

Adjunct to Cancer care:


Used as an adjunct to cancer care, the Mini BioMat is recommended in addition to the Pro Set. This follows the ‘Sandwich Method’ explained in “The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees”.


The ‘Sandwich Method’ can also be used for Spa level detox in the privacy of your own home.



Importance of the BioPillow


Proper spine alignment

Keeps head cool during high heat sessions

Crystals help to balance head/emotions

Crystals provide additional negative ions (pain reduction & anti-oxidant potential) to the head

Could you compare & contrast a Mini BioMat with a Poka Poka Jewelry Belt (BIOBELT)?


The Mini BioMat:


Frequencies generated here are for general overall health and regeneration

is set up on a chair reaching your back, pelvis and thighs or flat to lie on

is the best option for teaming up with a massage table sized Professional BioMat for the cancer care ‘sandwich method’

quicker to get up from office chair or while riding in a car as there are no cords to hold you down

more body coverage

may work better if one is up and down a lot

uses Amethyst & Black Tourmaline crystals

great for small children or infants

32″ x 20″ x 1″


Poka Poka Jewelry Belt (Biobelt):


Specifically creates crystal infrared frequencies for weight loss, gut restoration & other tummy issues.

allows for a more focused & gentler heat

smaller in size than the Mini

less weight than a Mini

Uses primarily 8 Jewels /crystals with a wider range of body effects especially when using a computer with fewer breaks – this may be ideal

no discomfort from sitting on or leaning back on crystals like experienced with the Mini BioMat

may move the belt in many directions over back, waist, leg etc.

Belt provides stability for area coverage with Velcro straps

Belt or strap is not necessary for it to function so it may be laid over an area like a knee or shoulder

Crystal section is 18″ x 8″ x 1″



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