BioMat Benefits Cancer


There is a significant correlation between having cancer and having low body temperature. The direction of causation is not known, but we do know that chronic low body temperature is a serious health concern in itself.

A healthy human immune system is always responding to stresses, such as infection and abnormal cell mutation. The response consists of many complex chemical reactions, but when the body temperature is low, these reactions occur more slowly.

A fever speeds these reactions and allows the immune system to go into overdrive, but a chronic low body temperature is exactly the opposite. The immune system is trying to fight, but it’s in slow motion.

The BioMat is uniquely effective at raising core body temperature because of its very long wavelength (12 micron) light output. This light penetrates 6-8 inches into the body, warming it equally throughout.

Here is an interesting article by Dr. David Jernigan about the relationship between cancer and low body temperature.

There may also be a more direct way that FIR therapy can aid in the treatment of some cancers. Tumors generally do not have a very good network of capillaries running through them, because they are just unstructured masses of replicating cells. Without these capillaries, they cannot easily expel excess heat out towards the surface of the body. Because of this, in many cases, elevated temperatures can damage tumors before damaging healthy tissue.

This is called the hyperthermia treatment strategy. Some cancer clinics use BioMat for this purpose. The general method is to use the BioMat Professional under the patient, and the MiniMat on top, to isolate the area of concern. Both mats are turned to the highest setting, for 45 minutes to an hour per treatment.

There is a fascinating book titled The 4th Treatment for Medical Refugees that goes into more detail about a clinic in Japan that had success with this method. We can send a copy of this book to you upon request, in electronic format, or in print.

Japan Hospital Utilizes BioMat in Cancer Clinic


NEW book reveals why Thermotherapy is a powerful adjunct for treating cancer!

Highly acclaimed Japanese medical doctor Nobuhiro Yoshimizu is releasing his latest

information on how exposure to far infrared rays is the key to preventing metastatic

cancers and strengthening the immunity. This scientific fact is fully explained in his book

entitled: The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees
As the former director of Yokohama General Hospital, and head of the Nakamachi Garden Clinic,

Dr. Yoshimizu established a medical plan that combines thermotherapy with physical and immune reinforcement therapy. In his book he explains why he believes that thermotherapy should be considered as a fourth treatment option for cancer, in addition to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Thermotherapy is a treatment option that focuses on the fact that cancer cells are heat-sensitive.

Because Dr. Yoshimizu utilizes the Bio-Mat (hot gemstone therapy) as a thermotherapy treatment in their medical clinic; this book is a valuable resource for all RichWay International distributors and their customers. Although the main focus is how thermotherapy affects cancer, Dr. Yoshimizu notes that hot gemstone therapy is also beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism, neurotic pain, and depression. The book includes Bio-Mat information covering medical usage, protocols, and report of findings during clinical trials of Bio-Mat usage at the Nakamachi Garden Clinic for cancer patients.

There is much more in the book, such as clinical cases of cancer, what cancer is, how it grows, how thermotherapy affects cancer, detoxification, supplement therapy, and even a three day fasting program.

Here are a few excerpts:

“For many years, we have practiced and researched far infrared ray therapy, light therapy, anion emission devices, low frequency wave therapy, HIFU, microwave therapy, hot stone therapy, steam saunas, carbonated water therapy and many other treatment options.”

“During the process, we discovered a medical device called the “Bio-Mat” that has been certified by the USFDA. It combines the thermopower of Amethyst and Tourmaline to naturally improve the therapeutic power. In addition, it is inexpensive and can also be used every day. There are no side effects and anyone can improve their autonomic nervous system by 100% and feel the difference starting from the day they use it. There was a case that cured prostate and breast cancer within 2 to 3 months. A patient who had been given just a few months to live ended up living for more than one year. If we are able to utilize various weapons to fight late-stage cancer, all we need to do is end the fight with a draw. However, since this fight will last for a long period of time, we might lose if we fail to maintain good eating habits and life styles. If we can maintain quality of life while improving the immune system, we might have a chance at winning the battle with cancer. We do not always have to be hospitalized and put in bed to fight cancer.”

“There are people who work at home to fight their cancers.”

Additionally, Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu understands the importance of laughter and hope, which is also a big part of the environment at the Nakamachi Garden Clinic.

Of course, Dr. Yoshimizu does not claim that thermotherapy is a stand-alone “cure-all” for cancer, but it is a viable option to include in a treatment plan. He goes on to state that: “Even though there were some cases where tumour masses shrank following thermotherapy alone, its effects are maximized when combined with other treatment options. We also know that when we combine thermotherapy with radiation and chemotherapy, it shows synergistic effects and allows us to reduce the chemotherapy doses.”

“We wish to expand our integrated treatment method through our hot gemstone therapy. The fight against cancer does not end with the three standard treatment options. It is valid to say that we have options, I am certain that thermotherapy will be helpful to everyone. I hope that this book will help cancer patients, their families and doctors who are fighting to cure this disease.”

“I hope that the phrase ‘cancer refugees’ will no longer be used in the future.” ~ Yoshimisu Nobuhiro M.D., Ph.D.


The book is 159 pages, jam packed with worthwhile information and guidelines. For instance, an interesting thermotherapy protocol at the clinic is the use of an Amethyst Pro Bio-Mat and a Mini-Bio-Mat on top of the patient. The user can fit the cancer mass, as in breast or prostate cancers, between these two Bio-Mats to increase the local temperatures. (see page 78)






Calvin and Jeanna Kim are so impressed by this book that they are making it available for FREE, including shipping, to all distributors! They are confident that this book will provide more credibility and greatly increase the Bio-Mat’s overall usage. Since this will naturally increase the sales for distributors, they are providing a FREE book to distributor customers, too! When distributors request a book for their RichWay customer, RichWay will gladly place a contact label on the book with the distributors name and phone number. Now that’s what I call outstanding company support!

Please note that RichWay can only deliver this book to distributors in USA, Canada, and Mexico. That said, the book is going to be translated into German, Czech, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, India, and Arabic – all to be available in about three months.

To receive your free copy of The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees contact RichWay Customer Service. This can easily be done by sending an email to: [email protected]. Include your name, the name you are registered under as a distributor, shipping address, phone number, and place “free book’ in the subject line.

Additionally, RichWay Diamond Executives may have an unlimited number of The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees book sent to their customers on the distributors behalf! Again, just email your request details to RichWay’s customer service. They will place a sticker on the book with your name and contact number and freely ship to your customer.

Can’t wait?! Here it is in a downloadable .pdf file:
Chinese General Hospital Decide to Use the Bio- Mat
Yantaishan City Hospital officials visit Japan’s Nakamachi Garden Clinic


Yantaishan Hospital, Yantai, Shandong, China, is located at the foot of Yantai Hill and is adjacent to the beautiful beach of Yellow Sea. The geographical position, pleasant oceanic climate and beautiful natural scenery make the hospital a unique resort of treatment and rehabilitation. The hospital was originally established in 1860 by the Catholic Church funded by the French government and is one of the earliest western hospitals in Shandong Province. Today, Yantaishan Hospital is totally operated by the Chinese Government and has become a comprehensive, large-scale, modern hospital which is also a designated hospital for foreigners. Currently, the hospital has 900 authorized beds with a staff of more than 1200. They offer more than 40 specialties with prominent departments; the hospital now is famous for its advanced scientific technology, medical teaching, scientific research, medical rehabilitation, medical prevention and first-aid.

On a recent visit to Japan’s Nakamachi Garden Clinic the Yantaishan City Hospital officials were so impressed with the Bio-Mat that they decide to utilize for their patients, too. This is the first big step for the China market.

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