Biomat Benefits Basics

Richway Biomat

Healing with far infrared rays and negative ions

US FDA Medical Device: #2954299

Richway Biomat is an FDA-approved medical device that harnesses the healing powers of amethyst to heal with far infrared rays and negative ions.

  • Circulation and heart health
  • Boost your immune system
  • Biomat treats acute pain relief
  • Biomat burns calories and boosts metabolism
  • Joint and muscle pain relief
  • Biomat for stress relief and relaxation
  • Detoxify with regular Biomat sessions
  • Biomat for clear, glowing skin

Because Biomat is a certified medical device, most insurance companies approve Biomat as a legitimate treatment for muscle and soft tissue pain. It may be covered by your extended health plan.

How Biomat works with your body

Biomat is unlike other heating pads because it generates far infrared radiation as well as far infrared rays. NASA has conducted substantial research on the effects of infrared on the human body and found that it normalizes a number of essential physiological functions. While there are other products available that offer infrared treatment, Biomat is the only one that generates 6.8 microns of medium human infrared – just the right amount to be effective.

Biomat is a more affordable and more efficient replacement for an infrared sauna. It is also much safer. Infrared saunas are high-powered devices that rely on 120V AC current to operate. Unfortunately, while the infrared you experience while using a sauna is beneficial, alternating currents have been proved to be highly damaging to your body and overall health by interrupting your body’s natural biological field. Biomat was designed to protect you from damaging AC. It has a 5-tiered system that buffers any AC and converts it to direct current, which has been proved to be bio-electrically compatible with the body and systems.

Biomat’s negative ions help to boost your overall health and energy levels. The biomat delivers negative ions during session directly through your skin via conduction. Negative ions are found throughout the environment, and can also be generated by a negative ion generator. These are popular for cleaning the air. However, NASA’s studies have found that these generators only have a positive effect on 25 percent of people who use them. Because Biomat relies on direct conduction, negative ions are directly available to your body and you will have immediate positive response. 100% of people who use Biomat will experience a change in their body’s electrical field. This means that cell channels are activated and you can start healing your body back to optimal health.

Biomat is the perfect healing device and is optimal for use in the home or for professionals use in practices.

Supercharged with amethyst

Biomat is lined with amethyst crystals. Amethyst is well-known for its healing effects and is also very effecting at calming the body and emotions. The Amethyst Effect is a phenomenon that has been well proven through spectral analysis. It shows a change in infrared light when it is refracted through amethyst stones. Studies have experimented with infrared light through numerous objects, such as gemstones, glass and man-made materials like plastic. Amethyst was the remarkable material in this study as it showed a clear change in the spectrum of infrared rays that passed through it. Not only are the infrared light waves different once they travel through amethyst, the refracted light reorganizes into geometric patterns that have even higher bio-compatibility with the human body, and allows your body to access even more of amethyst’s healing powers.

As far infrared light travels through the amethyst, it mimics patterns that appear similar to human voice. This area is still well under study, however, some scientists in the field believe that the infrared light that has passed through amethyst releases over 20,000,000 years of information that becomes available to the human body and assist with the healing process.

The far infrared rays that are emitted by Biomat reach six to eight inches into your body’s core. That means that Biomat’s healing properties are not just skin deep. The far infrared rays reach and treat your body’s surface as well as muscle tissue, deeper tissues, organs, and your body’s circulatory, nervous, metabolic, and lymphatic systems. The effects of far infrared on human health was first studied by NASA, and it is widely believed that far infrared waves are the safest and provide the most benefit of all electromagnetic energy that is available to humans.

Biomat health benefits

Circulation and heart health

Far infrared is a safe and effective way to increase your body’s core temperature. This warms the blood and expands your blood vessels, which increases circulation and can result in improved long-term heart health.

Boost your immune system

As Biomat uses far infrared rays to heat your body’s core temperature, you can induce a safe, temporary fever. Your immune system is activated and your body fights against the fever. In addition, you will experience detoxification which, combined with a strengthened immune system, will help you experience an increase in your overall health and well-being.

Biomat treats acute pain relief

Your Biomat’s far infrared rays reach deep into your body’s core and encourages your blood vessels to dilate. The increase in circulation relives acute paid and aids in the healing of stiff or sore muscles and soft tissue injuries by making oxygen-rich blood available to the oxygen depleted muscles, helping them heal more quickly and helping you feel better faster.

Biomat burns calories and boosts metabolism

Biomat is a relaxing way to increase and balance your metabolism. While you lie on the Biomat and experience the benefits of far infrared heat, your circulatory system is working hard and you’ll notice you easily being sweating. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that a single session with a far infrared device burns the equivalent of the calories burned jogging or rowing for half an hour.

Joint and muscle pain relief

Many people who suffer from arthritis rave about the pain relief they experience from using a Biomat regularly. Far infrared therapy is exceptionally effective at treating pain due to arthritis and other musculo-skeletal conditions. Far infrared is also excellent for athletes after training, or those experiencing sprains, joint or muscle pain, neuralgia, and bursitis, to name a few. Biomat is also effective for keeping general aches and pains at bay.

Biomat for stress relief and relaxation

The far infrared head emitted by the Biomat is soothing and gentle. You can start on a low temperature and, over time, find the optimal temperature for your session goals. Infrared heat is soothing both for your body and your mind. Lie down and relax tight muscles and ease frazzled nerves at the end of a long day. Many Biomat users find they easily fall asleep while lying on the Biomat.

Detoxify with regular Biomat sessions

Take your detoxification beyond just watching what you eat. Biomat assists the detoxification process by increasing circulation, simulating sweat glands, and encouraging the release of pollution and toxin that you accumulate day-to-day. Use Biomat daily to rid your body of the toxins that accumulate in your body. Carcinogens like heavy metals, alcohol, and nicotine, as well as other damaging substances like cholesterol and uric acid can all be cleansed with regular Biomat sessions.

Biomat for clear, glowing skin

Far infrared rays and negative ions will help boost your lymphatic system and detoxify the body, ridding toxins and impurities from the skin and lymph. The heat you experience as you lie on a Biomat will promote healthy circulation and draws nutrients to your skin’s surface, leaving you feeling and looking radiant and healthy.

Biomat and negative ions

Biomat purifies and alkalizes the blood

Negative ions are effective for maintaining a healthy blood PH. Biomat’s negative ions reach the circulatory system and ionize the calcium and sodium in the blood stream. This in turn has an alkalizing effect on the body by changing the blood’s PH into an alkaline state. It is important to maintain a healthy blood PH to ensure optimal health. The normal PH of blood ranges from 7.35 to 7.45; this is a weak alkaline solution. When blood PH drops below 7.34, it is considered acidic, and blood that is above 7.45 is alkaline. Regular Biomat sessions can help ensure you maintain a healthy blood alkalinity and strong overall health.

Biomat promotes cell vitality

Regular Biomat sessions increase the negative ions in the blood, and this causes an increase in inter-cellular communication. There is a resulting increase in cellular metabolism; in other words, your body’s cells will be more hydrated and take in nutrients more easily, and will also clear cellular waste more readily. The impact of negative ions on the body’s cells mean that cell function is improved, leading to vitality and youthfulness.

Biomat eases symptoms of diseases associated with ion deficiencies

We know that being out in nature and exposed to running water, trees, the ground has positive impact on our health. That’s because negative ions are present in force. However, with busy lifestyles we often find ourselves stuck indoors, in the city, driving more than walking, and overexposure to harmful EMFs from computers, phones, and indoor electrical wiring. Our bodies need negative ions to counteract the positive ions that we’re exposed to on a daily basis restore physiological balance and promote good health. A lack of exposure to healthy negative ions can lead to poor health, and an increased prevalence of syndromes associated with low negative ions. Some of these conditions include anemia, allergies, shoulder pain, lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia, headaches, weakened immune and autonomic nervous systems, fatigue, and insomnia. Regular Biomat sessions will help to restore the negative ions in your body and your environment.

Biomat versus similar far infrared and negative ion products

Biomat is unlike any other far infrared or negative ion emitting product available for purchase. Two of the most similar products available are the Aesta Mat and the Vita-Mat. When you are researching whether you should buy a Biomat, you may read claims that those two products offer comparable benefits at a lower price. However, the Biomat is made using top quality materials, and designed to ensure maximum benefits while protecting you from harmful EMFs. Only Biomat is produced in the facility where it is made. Read on for some of the differences between Biomat and its competitors.

Biomat uses a specially designed sensor to amplfy the amount of 6.8 infrared exposure available to your body. The Vita-Mat and Aesta Mat do not offer this feature. Only the Biomat generates a specific spectrum of photon infrared at 6.8 microns, and is transferred through a specialized sensor that amplifies your infrared exposure. Lesser quality mats do not deliver the same far infrared benefit of Biomat.

Biomat also generates 10Hz of infrared. Studies have shown that when infrared radiation at 10Hz travels through different materials, it is able to carry communication – this is true when it travels through DNA, pheromones, and amethyst. Richway is dedicated to bringing you the most effective product possible. While they were developing Biomat, they tested a group of users who had Biomat sessions both with and without the 10Hz infrared sensors engaged. The study found that those who used the Biomat with the 10Hz sensor experienced the most profound healing effects. The study demonstrates that far infrared alone is not enough to effect health – the addition of the infrared passing through the amethyst deepens the health benefits that you will experience. This is an important distinction because it highlights the importance of using a Biomat with a 10Hz sensor that only the Biomat has – unlike comparable heat pad products or infrared saunas.

Biomats are constructed using only the top quality bimetals. Bimetals are comprised of two metals that are layered together. This material is used inside Biomat and other infrared heat products as a sensor to control the mat’s heating function. The difficulty with bimetal is that it is prone to breakage with long-term use. When this happens, the product will no longer be functional. Biomat uses bimetal that is manufactured by Texus Instruments, and was originally designed to be used in military applications. No other company besides Richway uses a bimetal that is such high quality in their mats. Richway believes so strongly in the quality of the bimetal used in their Biomats that it is guaranteed to hold up even longer than your Biomat might. Richway stands behind their warranty and repair policy. Biomat may cost more than comparable products, but that is only because it uses materials and incorporates technology that is not found anywhere else. Richway also recycles all of the bimetal scrap generated during the production of Biomats.


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