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How to become a Biomat distributor

Do you want to share the message about the medical and therapeutic benefits of Biomat with others? We are looking for Biomat and Richway distributors who have an interest in sharing their stories.

Advance with a growing market

The health and wellness industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years thanks to a number of factors. The growing aging demographic is increasing, as are people’s awareness of the importance of preventive strategies. People from all ages are becoming more conscious and proactive about their overall care embracing preventative measures such as using far infrared therapy or negative ion benefits that Biomats provide.

Transform people’s lives for the better

Users of the Biomat have expressed their gratitude for making a positive difference in how they feel about themselves. For people with chronic pain or illness, it has provided relief after years of suffering and enables them to live more active lives:

As a Biomat distributor, you can help people with chronic pain or illness recover from their condition. The biomats are affordable and easily used in the comfort of your own home. You have an opportunity to make a difference by sharing this transformative healing experience that reaches those who may not know about it yet!

If you’re excited about living a healthy and active lifestyle, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you! Get in on our high-profit distribution business by joining us.

Earn excellent commissions

As a Biomat distributor, your earnings can grow exponentially. Each sale earns you 5% commission and quickly rises to 15%. Plus, distributors earn Binary Bonus checks of $400-$1200 weekly based on the efforts of their downlines. Distributors also receive product certificates that allow them to purchase products at 10% off while building up their business!

Ice breaker bonus update: 

As a bonus for becoming a Biomat distributor, you’ll receive a 20% product certificate on your first four sales, plus a 20% commission. In addition, you’ll also receive a $400 exclusive product voucher for the Alkal-Life 7000sL™ after your first sale.

Why our company is different

Becoming a Biomat distributor is very different in the sense that instead of selling product, we want you to share the health benefits of our remarkable products. You can sell products on your own schedule and there are no monthly auto-ship order or sales minimums to maintain. Plus once you achieve a certain level, it doesn’t expire so feel free to go at your own pace.

Let us provide you with everything to help your business succeed, including a free ready-to-go personalized website, virtual office, and customer support. We also offer training & strategic sales placement assistance available so that we can ensure success in the early days of running your own company.

We, at Biomat Canada are thrilled to help you get started in your new career as a distributor of our fine products and provide all of the tools necessary for success. These include product information, sales training manuals that will teach you how to sell them well, and a website platform where customers can purchase directly from their phone or computer.

Grow your business exponentially

Becoming a Biomat distributor gives you the opportunity to build your own business and have an impact on others. We provide valuable tools, training, and opportunities for growth so that our distributors can develop their distributorship into something greater than themselves—a network of people who are impacted by them!

Become a Biomat representative today with limitless potential for success because we offer unique products at great prices along with resources to help grow your brand in ways few other companies will even attempt.

If you want to make a real difference and enjoy the profits of a rapidly growing industry, become part of our Biomat distributorship today. You can manage your business equally well in an office or wellness home-based environment – making it perfect for any lifestyle!

By ordering your distributor kit you will receive a free customized website complete with shopping cart that is easy to share via social media, email contacts and blogs. Your current business community can also help promote the service by sharing it on their own personal websites or through other forms of online promotion like Facebook or Twitter.

Contact us if you’d like more information about your sales compensation, benefits and bonuses. 1-855-324-6628

Distributor startup kit

For distributors wanting to maximize commissions and bonuses right away, you will want to purchase a distributor kit and products totaling $1500.00 or more, excluding accessories, prior to shipping in the same week. By doing this, you automatically receive 3 business centers (1 center for each $500 worth of goods purchased), which is a requirement in order to qualify for higher levels of commissions and receive binary bonuses. Binary bonuses are the most lucrative part of the compensation plan for distributors. With a full distributorship, the rewards from your down-line as your team grows can be great, whether you sell in a specific commission period or not, you can still qualify for a weekly $400, $800, or $1200 binary bonus on EACH business center. We are a truly unique company that rewards distributors for each and every sale, whether you have one sale a year or several sales a week. By investing in the Professional Biomat you will be qualified as a full distributor and own our most popular products for demonstration purposes. After you have your 3 business centers set up there is no need to purchase anything else unless you want the optional business builder packs to grow your business even faster.

How to qualify for even more binary bonuses – invest in the business builder business option 

The more business centers you have, the more chances you have for additional binary bonuses and higher payouts per business center. You receive one point for every $500 worth of product that is sold and placed under your business centers. Points can be placed under you in multiple ways, you selling to someone else, a person in your up-line that places a sale underneath you or a distributor that sells to someone else whether or not they are your distributor or a distributor sponsored by your up-line. The point then flows up to all the business centers it is connected to. Whether you sell in a specific commission period or not you can still earn a $400 binary bonus (6 points on each side of a business center) for Gold Executives or higher, $800 binary bonus (12 points on each side of a business center) for Emerald Executives or higher, or $1200 binary bonus (18 points on each side of a business center) for Diamond Executives or higher based on all the sales from your down-line below you. You can qualify for a binary bonus on each business center, so the more business centers you have the more binary bonuses you can earn each week. Plus, business centers purchased after your business kit and full distributorship is activated start counting towards binary bonuses.

Remember the more product you have to demonstrate the more likely you are to have people experience the product for themselves and purchase it. Statistics show that sales are increased when users have tried or tested a product themselves. Plus, you get to use all the products yourself while promoting them in your business, which is great for you. Some of our distributors do a complimentary trial session or loan out products for a few days at no cost and others charge a fee, it is up to you.

For distributors that will be active on a monthly basis and/or expect to recruit other distributors under them in an effort to maximize their binary, there is a way to qualify for higher and more frequent binary bonuses quicker by adding onto the full distributor option. Once your distributor kit and three business centers are purchased, then you can place multiple orders from your sponsors website to get you additional business centers (one business center for each $500 worth of goods purchased). The more business centers you have, the more chances you have for additional binary bonuses and higher payouts per business center. With a full distributorship and rewards from your down-line as your team grows, whether you sell in a specific commission period or not you can still qualify for a weekly $400, $800 or $1200 binary bonus on each business center. If you are interested in this option inquire for more details.

Invest in your health and financial future now

If you want to learn more about becoming a distributor for Biomat products, we would love to chat with you. We have some of the best distributors in our network and know that if you join us too, it will be well worth your time.


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