About the Biomat Shop and your Biomat distributors

World’s Finest Health Products is run by Andy and Leah. Thank you for visiting our site.

Andy has a background in Chinese Medicine and natural healing. He started World’s Finest Health Products in 2004 to provide his clients with the best products in natural health and healing. He was introduced to the Biomat in 2008 after using a friend’s Biomat. After using it daily for sports recovery and general health, Andy was so impressed that he wanted to share it with others.

Friends who use the Biomat fall in love with it instantly, and often purchase one. The Biomat sells itself because of the immediate benefits experienced by most people. We would love to help you discover the joys of the Biomat. Please don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through the website if you have any questions.

If you are interested in distributing the Biomat, please contact us. It is an easy business to operate because you don’t need to carry any inventory and there is no overhead. Richway takes care of all the purchasing and customer support. There is absolutely no sales pressure, cost or minimum sales targets.

About Richway International

Richway International produces exceptional quality health products and cutting edge technology.


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